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We foster self and cultural awareness through interconnecting race, culture, healthy relationships and parenting.    

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race, culture, healthy relationships and parenting 

Creating safe spaces to get comfortable with being uncomfortable .


  • We interconnect race, culture, healthy relationships and parenting. 

  • Race & Culture: we create safe spaces to have tough conversations in an educational space. 

  • Healthy Relationships: We employ the Gottman Method to help with communication and strengthening relationships.

  • Parenting: within our safe space, we create opportunities for parents to come together and discuss the tough conversations that they will have or have had with their children. 


All Matching Peace programs and training seek to offer attendees a safe space to engage and learn and present them with a 360 degree look at experiences, research, and information in easy to digest segments, along with open discussion and small group experiences. We feel that this is the best way to broach such deeply rooted emotionally charged subjects, such as, diversity, intersectionality, and race, so that the learning happens organically and stays with the attendees long after the session.


Our goal is to use our influence to bridge the gap between cultures and to break down systemic barriers that block the next generation from excelling to their full potential, and halt the progression of our world. After a Matching Peace training or program, you will walk away with tools, resources, and differing perspectives to use in your everyday life while interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures.


We educate on wellness and self-care in a non-traditional way. 
We create space for discussions that challenge us. 
We bring people together with intention
We value people and collaborations.  
We are storytellers  
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