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Who Am I?

Kelley Webb is a Mother, Social Entrepreneur, Lecturer, and Cultural Curator. Her social justice advocacy and academic work are rooted in understanding the complexities of intersectionality and the need for honest and true connectivity in Race, Culture, Parenting, and Healthy Relationships. Thus, Kelley pushes forward to provide intellectual discourse, tools, and resources that explore the interconnection of race and parenthood.


Kelley guides conversations, encourages critical thinking and nurtures meaningful engagement with anyone who is ready to trade in their comfort for cultural competency and their arrogance for guidance and communal mentorship. By disarming ourselves and letting our guard down, our full attention can be placed on truly seeing and hearing each other and embarking upon a real dialogue for change.


To help facilitate and encourage these types of dialogues between parents and family members; co-workers and business partners, Kelley started Matching Peace to help others realize how powerful a culturally synchronized voice and unified agenda could be. Everything we do is interconnected and through this interconnection, we are interwoven together, whether we are consciously aware of it are not. Matching Peace is here to support the societal expansion of the cultural lens, so we can move forward collectively being conscious of our words and responsible for our actions.


Within Kelley’s belief system, she knows that we all are handling our own individual struggles and she wanted to make sure that Matching Peace would be a safe space, a “Neutral Zone" to have difficult but engaging conversations around growth and prosperity. Though this work is rewarding, and definitely not easy, Kelley is re-insured with guidance and patience through her faith in God.


Kelley's interests in diversity and inclusion work came out of her personal experience, as she realized that she never fit into the stereotypical concept of being Black. Her light skin tone made her seem less threatening. This disorienting dilemma was the catalyst that made her aware of the societal cultural negligence, a silent cultural bipartisan; disgustingly being enacted all over this country.  


Infused with purpose, passion and perceptivity, Kelley is creating spaces of comfort to discuss the differences that separate us. Spaces to protect us from a world that might not be ready to foster and realize our interdependence. 


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